Blue Aurette - Ceiling and Floor Balloon Set

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Blue Aurette - Ceiling and Floor Balloon Set
Blue Aurette
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   Helium inflated latex floats 1 to 2 days if treated with Hi - Float.

   Helium inflated latex floats 8 Hours if treated without Hi - Float. 

   Lasts 12 to 18 hours for latex unflated with air.

   Some items are inflated with helium.

   Some items are inflated with air.


Turn any room into a party with these set of ceiling and floor balloons.

Comes inflated. Simply unbag and enjoy!



Color Palette:
Balloon - navy, gold and copper
Streamer - gold

Coverage - approx. 21 sq.ft.

Balloon - biodegradable latex
Streamer - foil


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