Frequently Asked Questions

FREE DELIVERY for orders above $300

Frequently Asked Questions


We do not provide product catalog and price list. Please refer to our website for product information and price.


Upon received your order and payment, we will process the order within 1 to 2 working days. If time allows, please place your order online one week in advance.

We do not accept email or phone order. At the moment, we only accept online order through our e-commerce website. Please place your order online and make payment accordingly. For organization customers, please contact us via our email for bulk order on single product.

For self-collection on same day, we strongly encourage customers to visit the retail outlets / showrooms as we have a wide array of products in store for their selection.

However, if you are ordering for a party happening later in the week, you may place your order on our website prior to visiting our showroom for collection. This will save a great deal of your time as we will have got your items ready for collection. Please do look out for our email to inform you that items are ready to be picked up after you have placed your order.

Kindly note that we have a huge inventory of more than 50,000 products. As much as we try our best to keep inventory as accurate as possible, they will be times where a few items are shown as available on our website but has either been damaged or/and lost as discarded products. In this case, the items may be available for purchase in the website but may have already been out of stock. For this matter, we express our most sincere apologies to you and appreciate your kind understanding that we tried our best in fulfillment of your order. In regards to this situation, a full refund of the items will be returned to you in whichever method you have made the payment through.

When checkout from shopping cart, please select self collection option at Step 4 of shipping method. When received email notification of “Awaiting Pickup”, you may come by to our office for pick up during our normal operating hours - We're Open Daily! You may also specify the collection date and time at the instruction box and come by on the stipulated period for collection. Kindly drop us a call at least 1/2 hour prior to collection in the store. Please leave us a comment for your collection date and timing so that we can prepare the items before your collection.

We do have Party Kits in which you may purchase through our website. These kits are normally sold based on 8 guests. We do have wide selection of kids birthday themed party supplies and balloons on our website. You may choose the items separately base on your party theme.

Payment Mode

We do not accept payment upon collection. Please place your order online and make payment through PayPal, AMEX, MASTERS, VISA or any credit or debit cards accepted by PayPal.

After finished shopping, please click on "Proceed To Checkout" icon, upon filling up all the required information, you will go to the payment page through PayPal gateway. You can make online payment either using PayPal account or credit/debit cards.

We prefer payment via PayPal account or credit/debit cards. If this online payment mode is not working for you, simply drop by our retail outlets / company showroom and place your purchase though walk-in. We do accept many more modes of payment in our outlets (NETS, Cash, PayNow, Credit Cards/Debit Cards etc).

Our retail stores carry a wide variety of products and you may choose to visit our stores for on the spot purchase. Please note that all retail stores, showrooms and E-Commerce stores runs their own prevailing promotions on site. Prices may differes due to the promotions running across all the different outlets.

We do not accept order with cash upon delivery. For wholesale / organizations customers, please contact us via email or simply drop us a WhatsApp for enquires.

Online purchase does not allow payment method of cash upon self collection as it gets directed straight to PayPal gateway. For successful credit card validation by PayPal, kindly ensure your billing address is matched to your credit card address. Please contact us via email or simply drop us a WhatsApp for further assistance if the issue still persists.

Discount & Wholesale

"WELCOMEBACK" is a discount coupon code which is specially designed for our valued returning customers. Only returning customers who have an existing orders with us may use this coupon code. Simply provide your previous order number at the "Instruction Box" for verification. In the event if our system do not show the previous record of your order or this offer has been misused, a full refund or delay of the order may be considered.


To enjoy 5% discount on your purchase, you will need to apply the discount code that "WELCOMEBACK" during order checkout. When discount code is entered, the total payment for your order will be auto-deducted for the 5% discount. Please note that this 5% discount is not applicable to helium tank rental, refundable deposit and delivery charge. We are unable to do manual refund of 5% discount if you forget to enter the discount code during order checkout. Please also note that for this promotion to be effective, the new order will have to be placed with the same email address as the order number you have provided for veirfication.

We love referrals! New customers who are referred to by our existing clients may use this discount coupon code. Or simply write words of encouragement or how much you like our service of the product that you are purchasing and you may use this coupon on your purchase. Please remember to let us know the name of the reviewer and the product you place the reviews for verification at the instruction box. In the event if our system do not show the record of the review or this offer has been misused, a full refund or delay of the order may be considered. Please note that this 2% discount is not applicable to helium tank rental, refundable deposit and delivery charge. We are unable to do manual refund of 2% discount if you forget to enter the discount code during order checkout. Please also note that for this promotion to be effective, the review or words of encouragement will have to be reviewed by our system adminstrator before the order is process.

We are the authorized distributor for AMSCAN party supplies and ANAGRAM balloons. These are top party supplies distributors in the USA and we are proud to be their representative in the ASIA region. We do have wholesale program for retailers and you may send your company's profile to our email or drop us a WhatsApp and attention it to "Wholesale Dept". We will get back to you with pricing and catalogues at the soonest. You may also drop us a call to leave your contact details too.

We do also have organization discount for bulk purchase over $500 and above in products. Please email us or drop us a WhatsApp of your order item, quantity and the required date. We will get back to you soonest.


We do provide helium balloons inflation on site for order quantity that are above 500pcs. For most balloons order, we will normally deliver the inflated balloons to your venue.

We do provide balloon flowers, pillars, columns, arches or other balloons decoration set up for venue. For easy handling, the latex or foil balloons will be bundled up in 10pcs each bundle. You can either tie them as one bouquet to any weight support or untie them to have loose balloons free floating to the ceiling. The required set up time depends on the number of products and how you wish for the decoration of your venue.

Yes the product price on our website is nett price. We do not charge GST at the moment.

If you ordered balloons with option "Helium Inflated", we will inflate the balloons with helium gas before collection or delivery. For balloons with option "Air-Inflated", we will inflate the balloons with air and string them up in a ribbon for ease of handling. Upon receipt, you may simply cut the ribbons to free up the balloons.

There are two options for bouquet inflation: “Uninflated” and “Helium Inflated”. If you selected bouquet inflated with helium, we will inflate the balloons before collection or delivery. For option of uninflated bouquet, we will not inflate the balloons and it will be sold in original plastic packaging.

For helium inflation of customers’ balloons, the cost depends on balloon type and size. However, we have no obligation for balloons if there is damage or burst during and after inflation. Please check with us in advance and we will quote base on your balloon type (latex or foil) and size. Foil Balloon Inflation Service and Latex Balloon Inflation Service may be found in the following link.

The foil balloon bouquet set comes in original pack and we are unable to change or substitute its super shape or other coordinating balloons. If you want to choose the super shape balloon or balloon colors for the bouquet, you can purchase the balloons separately from our website and then bundle them together as one bouquet.

The balloons value pack contains all the basic colors example white, yellow, pink, red, purple, silver, green, orange, etc in random quantity as shown in the picture itself.

All helium balloons come with attached 1.2 to 1.5m of curling ribbons. Loose balloons will be bundled up at 10pcs each bundle for easy carrying and transportation purpose. You can untie them easily to have the loose balloons for decoration. Balloon weights are sold separately.

The floating time of 11” or 12” round latex helium balloons is about 8 to 10 hours while foil balloons can keep floating up to 1 day or more, but depending on the condition of balloons, handling during transportation and storing environment. Hence it is advisable to collect your balloons on the party day itself or plan your delivery date and time appropriately. We have no obligation for customers’ balloons when they have been collected or delivered and checked to be in good condition in the presence of our staff.

You can refill the deflated foil balloons with helium gas but it depends on the balloons condition. The floating time of re-used balloons will no longer as good as new balloons due to wear and tear during first time usage. It may burst during refilling or deflate sooner. Inflated latex balloons cannot be refilled and re-used.

As helium balloons are fragile, please handle them with care. Please do not weigh down, squeeze, press, bent or over pull the balloons as these would damage the balloons to leakage. Also please avoid any sharp objects, direct sunlight and low temperature area. In cold air, the balloons could appear deflated; when warmed up, it will fill out again. Avoid exposing the balloon to extreme heat as this could cause it to burst.

In light of our country's high humidity & temperature as a tropical country, it is not recommended to inflate balloons to 100% filled as this will over-stretch the balloons and make it burst easily. We will inflate 90% to allow space for balloon to expand if it is under warm or hot environment.

You can add in helium gas. If no helium gas available, you may use a hand pump or straw to blow in some air into the balloon opening. Please do not over blow else the balloon may burst.

All foil balloons are with self-sealing opening, except for those 9” air filled mini shape foil balloons that need to be heat-sealed. For latex balloons, you just need to tie a simple knot at the opening.

We will inflate the balloons within 1 to 2 hour before delivery. However the required time will depend on the balloon quantity and travel distance to customer’s venue.

Balloon Weights

The 18" foil balloon does not come with balloon weight. Balloon weights are sold separately.

Yes we do sell balloon weights for 17” helium foil balloons. One 5g weight can hold one 17” foil helium filled balloon. Our balloon bouquet will not come with weight and the weight is sold separately. Our 170g balloon weight is heavy enough to hold one balloon bouquet that made up of 5 foil balloons.

For indoor use, 8g balloon weights are suitable for 1pcs of 9” to 12” latex balloons or 1pcs of 18” foil balloons. 170g balloon weights are suitable for one set of balloon bouquet or not more than 15pcs of 9” to 12” latex balloons. Heavier weights are required to weigh down the balloons at outdoor condition.

Air Filled Balloons

For air filled balloons, you may select option “Normal Air Inflated”, the balloons will be inflated by normal air. Balloon cup and stick are sold separately.

9" refer to the diameter of balloon only and does not include the stick.

Normally air filled balloon will stay inflated for 1 day or more, but it depends on the condition of balloon, handling and storing. You may place your order online and then collect it a day before the party.

If you would like to inflate air filled balloons on your own, it requires balloon pump and for some products the use of heat sealer or iron to seal the balloon's opening.

The 14" mini shape foil balloon is meant for air filled which is attached to balloon cup and stick for hand held only. Due to its smaller size, they cannot be helium filled and will not float.


Yes. We do have balloon printing service available and prices may be found in our website.


All our pinatas come with empty inside and you can fill it up with sweets, small toys, confetti and other party favors which are sold separately on our website.

40 kids may need 2 to 3 pinatas and each pinata can be filled up to 1 to 2 kg of stuffings inside.

Helium Tanks

Our helium tank rental is for period of 3 days only and there is tank extension charge at $2 per day. Please do check with us in advance if you need to extend the tank rental.

We have several helium tank sizes at different dimensions as follows:
















Latex Balloon




Latex Balloon




Latex Balloon








6 Litres / 1.0m3



50 - 60

40 - 50


3 Days



10 Litres / 1.4m3



80 - 90



3 Days



40 Litres / 6.0m3



420 - 480


350 - 420

7 days



47 Litres / 6.6m3





400 - 450


7 days




For self collection of helium tank, please take note that Small / Medium tank can be fitted into a normal car boot.

For order of helium tank rental, there is 2-way tank delivery and collection charge at $40 regardless of total purchase amount. Alternatively, you can select self collection and return option at no charge.

Our helium tank size is base on the quantity of 11" latex balloons that can be inflated. Please visit our website on Helium Tank Rental for more details on helium tank size and rental fee. There is no free delivery for tank as 2-way tank delivery and collection charge is $40. Please note that both tank rental and deposit are not counted towards $150 for free delivery.

Upon returning, we will check the condition of tank and nozzle. Tank deposit will be refunded via PayPal within 3 to 5 working days after tank returned, provided both tank and nozzle are returned in good working condition without damage or lost.


Please visit our delivery page for pick up address. Please select self collection during checkout and leave us a comment for your preferred collection date and time. 1 to 2 working days are required for order processing before collection.

Please proceed to checkout and filling up information for account, billing and shipping details at Step 1 to 3, then you can choose the option for self collection under shipping method at Step 4.

In light of ensuring your items reach you on time and in good working condition, We do provide small parcel delivery at $10. Each parcel should not exceed the size of an A4-Sized bag. We will arrange for our trusted courier partners to deliver the items to you within 5-7 working days.

There is no minimum purchase amount for self collection order. You can collect the items upon receipt of email notification of "Awaiting Pickup". Please place your order and allow 1 to 2 working days for processing.

Please allow 1 to 2 working days for order processing before collection. For urgent order that needs collection on the same day of ordering, please contact our staff for further assistance. Please note that all online orders are prepared and ship out from our warehouse. We will not be able to process your collection of order if you place an online order at our Flagship Store.

For a normal car, the empty back seats can fit approximately 20 - 25pcs of 12” latex balloons or 15 - 20 pcs of 18” foil balloons. If your order contains other balloons or combinations, please contact us for further assistance. Our delivery service is very affordable and you may opt for same-day delivery (subject to availability) too.

Customers will receive email notification when the order status changed to "Awaiting Pickup". Please arrange collection within 3 months when your order is ready for pick up.

We will be sending email reminder to customers for orders that not been collected after 2 months. Those orders that not been collected after 3 months will be discarded and disposed without further notification.

Local Delivery Service

FREESHIP is applicable only within Singapore. A minimum purchase of $150 in products (order with uninflated balloons and/or party supplies only) is required to enjoy this promotion. Delivery of FREESHIP offer will be scheduled within 5 working days. Delivery date and time will be scheduled automatically within 5 working days (Mon-Fri). Pre-notification of the delivery date and time will be shared with the client prior to delivery. There is no option of choosing specific delivery date and time. We will try our very best to accommodate the most convenient time of delivery for your items. FREESHIP will automatically be calculated upon checkout and you may follow the instructions and choose the appropriate shipping options.

FREESHIP-PACKAGE is applicable only within Singapore. A minimum purchase of a Party Package will be required in order to enjoy this promotion. FREESHIP-PACKAGE will have to be entered into the coupon code prior to checkout and will automatically be calculated upon checkout. Please follow the shipping instructions carefully and select the appropriate shipping method. With this coupon code, the shipping fee will be automatically deducted when you place in the selection of the shipping method. Kindly note that a separate delivery is chargeable for helium tanks, furniture and other hire items.

We do not have a maximum order quantity for helium inflated balloons. However, for larger balloon order above 500 pcs, we will normally provide on- site inflation at the venue.

Yes. To provide our utmost service to all clients, we provide hand-delivered door delivery at $10 per trip for order without inflated balloons (5 - 7working days), while $15 for order contains inflated balloons. For orders less than $50 or same-day delivery service, we charge a delivery fee of $25 per trip and subject to delivery schedule availability. Please visit our delivery page for more details on our local delivery service.

We normally require a minimum 2-hour delivery period for all inflated balloons delivery. Delivery will occur at any time between the stipulated period. Please check our delivery schedule before purchase. We will make our effort to accommodate the required delivery date and timing as per customer request. However we will not guarantee for delivery services at your intended date and timing as this will base on first come first serve. We will contact customers to re-schedule the delivery date or timing if the time slot already occupied.

There is one time free delivery for order amount over $150 and above. This is applicable for uninflated party supplies only. Delivery will be done within 5-7 working days. For additional delivery needed, a delivery charge of $10 (order without inflated balloons) or $15 (order contains inflated balloons) per trip applies. Please take note that helium tank rental and refundable deposit are not countable to order amount of $150 for free delivery.

For helium tank rental, there is 2-way of tank delivery and collection charge at $40 per order per tank. Please take note that free delivery service for order amount of $150 is for products only and not applicable for helium tank.

International Shipping

Yes we do. International orders may be placed through our website. International Shipping will be calculated manually and you will receive a separate invoice for the postage. All international orders are sent with tracking information. For small parcel (smaller than A4 size, the shipping charges ranges from $30 onwards). In the event, if the shipping charges is not agreeable with the buyer, we will do a full refund of the whole order.

We will process and ship the orders within 6 to 16 working days upon order and payment received. The parcel tracking will only cover till Singapore. Once parcel is shipp d out of Singapore, there will be no tracking provided to customers for them to track the shipment status.

Customers can obtain the estimated shipping cost for their ordered items on the following website <SINGPOST> by selecting their country, state/province and entering the zip/postcode. Rates are exclusive of any Customs Duties and other relevant taxes. Import duties, taxes and charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's custom office to determine if these charges are applicable and what are the additional costs be prior to ordering. Kindly note that minimum sum for postage overseas will be chargeable @ S$30.

Customers may refer to the following website <SINGPOST> by selecting their country, state/province and entering the zip/postcode to get an estimate of the arrival. All shipments may be subjected to customs inspection and clearance which may require additional days. Delivery time subject to change without prior notice.

We will not be responsible and reliable of items shipped, please email or drop us a WhatsApp if you have any queries on international shipping terms.

We are unable to deliver the order to a P. O. box address. Items will be packed in a carbon box and the parcel will be shipped by a shipping company which requires the recipient to receive the parcel and sign for acknowledgment.