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Model: 50015.19

Beverage Napkins Gold

Model: 68015/19

Gold Cups, 9 oz. - Paper

Model: 65015/19

Gold Plates, 9" - Paper

Model: 51015.19

Luncheon Napkins Gold

Model: 68015.19

Paper Cup 9oz Light Gold

Model: 64015.19

Paper Plates 7 in Gold

Model: 65015.19

Paper Plates 9 in Gold

Model: 4549.19

Plastic Fork Gold

Striking and rich, our Gold Tableware accompanies precisely harmonized plates, napkins, utensils, glasses, and table curtains — the most essentials for your birthday gathering, patio grill or holiday party. Look over different styles of plates —square or round, separated or general, plastic or paper. Discover the glass sizes that best suit your drink benefit, the table covers that cover best, and the right checks of spoons and forks. Also try blending Gold Tableware with designed tableware or other colored tableware for a customized look.