Candle Birthday Pick Star #8

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Candle Birthday Pick Star #8
Numeral Toothpick Candles
  • $4.90
Model: 175210

Celebrate your special occasion with this Number 8 Star Birthday Toothpick Candle Set! These star-shaped candles come in bright colors and feature attached plastic picks. The largest star has a number 8 printed on it — perfect for an 8th birthday or anniversary. Use these star candles in cakes, cupcakes, and more!

Number 8 Star Birthday Toothpick Candle Set includes:

  • Number 8 star toothpick candle, 2in wide x 6 3/4in tall
  • 2 star toothpick candles, 1 1/4in wide x 4 1/2in tall

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