PJ Mask Gift Bucket

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PJ Mask Gift Bucket
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  • $39.90

A Bucket full of themed items to gift. We bundled them from our smaller set of party accessories! 
Each bucket has slightly different items. They'll be more filled as you go higher! 

Bucket Set A: $39.90 


PJ Masks Blowouts 331741
PJ Masks Crayons Favor 398380
PJ Masks Vac Form Hat 251741
PJ Masks Folded Loot Bags Plastic 370373
PJ Masks Favor Container Plastic


PJ Masks Tattoo Favors 398286


Bucket Set B: $59.90 

Contains all of Box A plus: 

Sticker Book PJ Masks 150443
PJ Masks Sticker Booklet 150446


Bucket Set C: $79.90

Contains all of Box A + B plus:

PJ Masks Mini Bubbles Favors 398387
PJ Masks Bounce Ball Favors 398385

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